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"Suyojan Hydro Mechanical Systems Private Limited" was established in 2005 with a vision to become the most assuring manufacturer, trader and supplier of best in class Material Handling Equipment and Machines. After five prosperous years of serving, today we are capable of handling an expanded product selection that incorporates next-generation material handling products such as Hydraulic Motor, Control Valves, and Axial Piston Motors. Our purpose of becoming the business leader can be realized by reckoning the advantageous traits that are provided by our offered array of products. Owing to the precision directed design, sturdy construction, excellent performance, user-friendly controls and prolonged service life of our proposed equipment; we have matured identical to trust for a lot of prestigious patrons across the nation. Since the past years, we have acquired a lot and emerged as a pioneering enterprise by executing numerous substance of modification in our production capacities. Besides, the determined efforts of our team members present us liable to produce perfection that is being evaluated various times throughout the in-house and outside examination phases. Furthermore, our offered pieces of equipment are appreciated by lots of companies around the country, including chemical, heavy engineering, petrochemical and paint industries. Due to the technological progressions and our adeptness to engage in accomplishing the coveted operational excellence, our material handling equipment is demanded more than always. The dedicated method and vast industrial expertise of our leader and mentor "Mr. Rajesh Kolwalker" provided a collaborative job condition for us. His passion towards success encouraged us to present our company the chosen option for material handling machinery in the country.

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All  White Drive motors will be available under Danfoss 

WP / WR /  WS / RE / DT series  etc.
WHITE DRIVE MOTORS DANFOSS POWER SOLUTIONS HAVE TAKE OVER WHITE DRIVE MOTORS. All White Drive motors will be available under Danfoss WP / WR / WS / RE / DT series etc.
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Gerotor Hydraulic Motor
Gerotor Hydraulic Motor INR 0 INR 0 To retain our goodwill in clients' consideration, we trade and supply optimum quality Gerotor Hydraulic Motor that has rotating off center in a rotor/stator with accurately hobbed teeth. Our offered hydraulic motor is precisely designed using modern technology and optimum quality components. The provided hydraulic motor is highly appreciated in the market for its various quality attributes. Moreover, this hydraulic motor is tested on various quality measures. True 1501852000
Danfoss OMR Series Motor
Danfoss OMR Series Motor INR 0 INR 0 Danfoss hydraulic motor of the following specification are available ex-stock OMM Series : 8cc to 32 cc - End port and Side port - 16dia shaft. OMP Series : 25cc to 400 cc - 25 & 32 dia Key shaft and spline shaft OMR Series : 50cc to 375 cc - 25 & 32 dia Key shaft and spline shaft OMS Series : 80cc to 315 cc -32 dia key shaft - 4 hole oval mounting flange OMT Series : 160cc to 500 cc - 40 dia key shaft OMV Series : 315cc to 800 cc - 50 dia key shaft VMP Series : 50 dia to 315 cc (Equivalent to OMP Series) - Value added series VMR Series : 50 dia to 315 cc (Equivalent to OMR Series) True 1501852126
Hydraulic Gear Motor
Hydraulic Gear Motor INR 0 INR 0 We offer Hydraulic Gear Motor of the leading companys in the world. Products being offered by us are of Superior Quality and high performance. To meet diversified demands of the clients, we offer these motors in different sizes and designs. Gear pumps and motors Applications:- Aerospace industry Plastic Industries Construction Industries Mining Industries Agriculture Material handling Utility Forestry Earthmoving Automotive Turf care. True 1501852180
Axial Piston Motor
Axial Piston Motor INR 0 INR 0 Key features of Axial Piston Motor: Sizes from 22 to 500 Axial piston swashplate design Open and closed hydraulic circuits Frame size 1 (size 71) Frame size 3 (sizes 22 to 56 and 125 to 500) Operation with HF fluids possible with reduced technical data (sizes 71 to 500) True 1501852229
Danfoss Hydraulic Motor VMP Series
Danfoss Hydraulic Motor VMP Series INR 0 INR 0 The Danfoss orbital motor range is the broadest on the market – and your safest bet for quality, durability, efficiency and reliability. Danfoss orbital motors have set the market standard since the beginning. Known for their solid reliability, extreme durability and high efficiency under any condition, they deliver an optimum performance – always. Features and benefits High bearing load capability and robust cardan shaft design for a longer motor life. Valving system and precise machining for high efficiency and, as a result, low fuel consumption. Numerous adaptations for flexible design of compact systems. Application opportunities Suitable for closed and open loop hydraulic circuits for work and propel systems, our orbital motors are ideal for agricultural, road building, construction, forestry, public utility and lawn and garden equipment. V-series, the core solution The V-Series is your quality benchmark in the medium duty market. Based on proven technology, these reliable motors will reduce your overall system costs while adding value to your machine. They provide maximum flexibility, supporting the performance optimization of your entire hydraulic system. Our global service and technical support network offers experienced technical support for optimal solutions. Options Three options are available – each designed to SAE standards for VMP and VMR motors. C-style mounting flange – compact for tight dimensions 1” shaft with 6B spline – ideal for gearboxes 1” shaft with Woodruff key – widely used in agriculture Features and benefits High-quality product - quality benchmark in the medium duty range Designed for medium and low duty functions High pressure shaft seal Gerotor and roller gear sets are available True 1501852316
Gear and Vane Motors
Gear and Vane Motors INR 0 INR 0 Gear and Vane Motors are used in simple rotating systems. Their benefits include low initial cost and high rpm. A gear motor (external gear) consists of two gears, the driven gear (attached to the output shaft by way of a key, etc.) and the idler gear. High pressure oil is ported into one side of the gears, where it flows around the periphery of the gears, between the gear tips and the wall housings in which it resides, to the outlet port. The gears then mesh, not allowing the oil from the outlet side to flow back to the inlet side. A vane motor consists of a housing with an eccentric bore, in which runs a rotor with vanes in it that slide in and out. The force differential created by the unbalanced force of the pressurized fluid on the vanes causes the rotor to spin in one direction. True 1501852393
Danfoss OMS Series Motor
Danfoss OMS Series Motor INR 0 INR 0 Power element : Rolller Displacement :from 160 to 500 cm3/giro [from 9.8 to 30.5 in3/rev] Maximum Pressure: cont.: 200 bar [2900 psi] int. : 240 bar [3480 psi] Maximum oil flow :150 lpm [ 40 U.S. gpm] Maximum speed :780 rpm Maximum torque : cont. : 1220 Nm [900 lbf. ft] int.: 1370 Nm [1010 lbf. ft] Maximum power : 40 kW [53.6 hp] True 1501852484
Variable Speed Hydraulic Motor
Variable Speed Hydraulic Motor INR 0 INR 0 Typical parameters are: Displacement volume: 3 to 100 cc Maximum pressure: up to 250 bar Range of speeds: 500 to 4,000 rpm Maximum torque: up to 400 Nm Key features of gear motors: Low weight and size Relatively high pressures Low cost Wide range of speeds Wide temperature range Simple and durable design Wide viscosity range True 1501852602
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